Why Choose Rubber Duck Hosting

A few of the many reasons to choose us


Rubber Duck Hosting's servers have at-least a 1Gbps connection insuring high speeds and low latency for all our customers. We utilize a Tier 1 network that spans Europe and North America. This has over 33 peering points and 5Tpbs of capacity.


Rubber Duck Hosting is committed to reducing energy consumption by sourcing servers that implement green technology. By embracing this, we are able to keep the cost of powering our servers low. As a result, we pass these savings on to our customers.


Unlike large hosting conglomerates, all Rubber Duck's customers will benefit from automatic anti-DDoS mitigation by default in the event of an attack. We are committed to protecting your website 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size.


CloudFlare acts as a proxy between your visitors and Rubber Duck's servers. It caches content and filters malicious traffic before it hits our servers. This improves your website’s overall performance and security. CloudFlare is included in all Rubber Duck Hosting plans.


Rubber Duck Hosting's packages include Softaculous which allows you to install hundreds of popular scripts instantly in one click. There is a wide array of categories so that everyone can find the required script they need to power their website.


For all our hosting packages, we provide the first two months of hosting free if you select an annual billing plan. Additionally, if you refer friends or family, you can continue to receive even more discounts.